This is the hit studio album of our group, written, directed and produced by yours truly. All songs can be found at The album is a composition of my best hits over the past year. It contains such iconic titles as "Holla atch'ya boi" and "Papapootai". The album
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reached Billboard #69 of Rwanda's all-time greatest hits, and is currently banned in every single country on Earth with any sort of central government (thus, the album's primary fanbase is in Africa). In 420 BC, a cult worshipping the album committed mass suicide in hopes of reaching enlightenment. It probably didn't work. Fuckin idiots.

Songs Edit

N1GGERS IN MY SWAMP currently features 3 songs with more in development. Currently, songs available are:

Don Makes Acapella Edit

This an acapella cover of "Basket Case" by Greenday. I have no fucking clue what the song is actually about but Audacity's a hell of a drug.

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Holla atch'ya Boi Edit

Remember that song "Radioactive" that came out in like 9th grade? Yeah I did a cover of that. It's pretty good tbh.

Papapootai Edit

This is all Clark's  fault. He enables me way too much. The original song is "Papaoutai" by Stromae if you can believe that. Anyway, if you wanna summon Satan then this is a pretty respectable option.