Muh SoundCloud ("My SoundCloud", rendered in English) is the focal point of Evan's entire shitty and meaningless existence. It's a music posting website where little shits who think their music is the tit can post it for like five other people to see. And Evan, this shitlord fucker spends like all of his spare time making music and posting it to here. It's all he fucking does like I'm not even kidding. He makes shit on his little keyboard all day. "dis wun is duh harmonica sound effect :^)" he says all proud of his stupid fuckin keyboard.

Piano pug

"Hey Evan what did you do today?"

"Wrote a song and posted it to Muh SoundCloud."

History Edit

I don't even know when he started this shit it was like the summer of 2013 or some shit. I told him about it because I made some stupid song for an even stupider fanfiction I was writing about a pumkin or some shit. But anyways yeah, like all of the sudden he started coming to school like "hey guys check out muh soundcloud" and he'd show us some stupid song that he'd written the night before while he was sucking elephant schlong or something.

Piano pug