This whole stupid fucking joke started over the fact that every so often, Evan's dad will walk in his room while we're in a Skype call, and ask him whether or not he'd be interested in going to

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Costco and getting a pizza. Except, he has a very particular way of saying it. Somewhere between an old person and a twenty year-old trying to sound hip and cool. There really is no good way to describe it. He's done it plenty of times too, and he does it almost the exact same way every time. Sometimes we'll go to Costco on the way home from school and his dad will give him shit for his fucking terrible parking. Then we just kinda order food, talk about the stupid birds walking around, and leave. The only real substance of the joke is the way his dad says it, which wouldn't be all that interesting, except for the fact that it's the only thing that makes his dad interesting. Literally, to our entire group, he's just "Costco Pizza" because it's the only thing remarkable or noteworthy about his dad that anyone in our group gives a shit about.

Famous Quotes Regarding Costco Pizza Edit

"Costco Pizza, Coscto, Costco Pizza, Pizza Costco, Costco Pizza." - Evan's Dad